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The Murderer Of Your Eyes

The eye is one of the main organs of our body just as human beings we need five main requirements to survive. The eyes are part of our body ...

The eye is one of the main organs of our body just as human beings we need five main requirements to survive. The eyes are part of our body through which we can enjoy the beauty of this world. It is located on the surface of our face and in the middle of the forehead.

eye stacture
Image: Structure of the eye

The rounded part of the eye is called the eyeball. It rotates within a certain range of the eyelids. The outer covering of the eyeball is made of hard, white, opaque fibers. Its job is to protect the eyes from various kinds of external evils. This is called the cornea, the front part of the white matter. The inside of the white space has a black coating called the black zone.

An opaque membrane located just behind the cornea is called the iris. The colors of the iris are different for different people. Usually, its color is black, dark brown, or light blue. There is a small hole in the middle of the iris called the Pupil. It is called an orb gem or star hole. The part just behind the gem is called the Lens. This is the most important part. It is made of transparent organic matter. To see distant or near objects, the focus distance of the lens needs to be changed.

The retina is the pink translucent light-sensing coating on the inner surface of the eyeball located behind the orb lens. The space between the cornea and the lens of the orb that is filled with clear saline water is called aqueous humor. Humor's job is to fill the space between the retina of the eye and the lens of the eye.

When an object is placed in front of the eyeball, its reflection is formed in the retina and we see the object. Now if the object is removed from the front of the optic, the sensation remains in the brain for 0.1 seconds after removal. This session is called the permanence of vision.

When we see an object with two optics, we see only one object. Although each optic forms a reflection in its retina, the brain converts two different reflections into one reflection. The distance can be accurately measured by having two optics. So it is very difficult to wear yarn with one optic closed. Moreover, the right optic sees more on the right side and the left optic sees more on the left side for different positions of the two eyes than the object. When you see an object with two eyes, two different reflections will transpire and the object will be recognized properly.

The peeper is a very hybrid sensory organ that responds and responds very highly to the reflection of light. But sometimes we face different optic problems.

One of the causes of vitamin problems. The structure of the eyes of people over forty changes. At this time the importance of vitamins is much higher. Vitamin C is one of the leading causes of night blindness.

red eye radio
Image: red-eye from itchiness

Everyone thinks people with bloodshot peepers are grumpy. This is also a bit uncomfortable. Bathing in the pond for a long time often turns purple. If you cry with kajal in your peeper, if you use soap, because of cold, because of allergies, this problem can occur.


Eye pain is not a good sign at all. Its pain can blind people. This is due to acute glaucoma. This damages the optical nerve and blinds the eyes. Blurred vision, severe headache, nausea. Its pain can also be due to infections, eye irritation, dryness, allergies. If you have pain, you need to take the help of a doctor.

Many diseases can cause eye pain. Such as eye swelling, any disease of the eyeball, any disease due to injury, disease inside the aperture, etc. Among the diseases of the body, migraine, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. can cause pain. Common causes of pain include:

Conjunctivitis or redness, itching, and burning of the eyes. This inflammation of the eyelids is usually caused by allergies. However, it can also be caused by viruses and bacteria


effect of smartphone blue light
Image: problems of eye pain

At present we are largely dependent on mobile computers. This is why we have been using this digital device in the same way for a long time. For which various problems have to be faced. Rules do not mean that using this electronic device and using it for a long time is very harmful to our eyes. Excessive use of mobile phones can lead to blindness. Besides, insomnia, neck pain, less gold in the ears can be all these problems.

effect of smartphone blue light
Image: effect of smartphone blue light

The surface of our eyes is a thin layer of water. Made with water, oil, disinfectant, and mucus. If for some reason the secretion of this water decreases due to glandular sagging, then the eye becomes dry. If that water is not enough as a lubricant, the eyes become itchy and irritated. You can't even look at the light. The mucus fills the eyes. The vision becomes blurred.

Many times rashes appear on the upper leaves of our eyes. There are many reasons for happening this problm. However, if you give the feeling of hot water, it will be fine.

Since our eyes are one of the most important parts of our lives we need to be careful about this. Vitamin A, C-rich foods are very important for people over forty. Besides, parents need to be aware of children. For this reason, eye examinations should be done before the age of six. People of all ages should have a checkup once a year.

eye care
Image: care from the doctor

You need to be aware of the use of digital devices to solve this problem. You need to use a mobile phone in moderation. You have to use the phone at a distance of 18 inches. You can't watch TV or play video games in the same way for a long time. Eye rest should be given after a certain time. You can also exercise if you want. If there is any problem, you should take the advice of a doctor.

So, don’t be the killer of your own eyes. Prevent the way you are damaging the part. Be aware of your killer habits and those materials you are using every day.  Remember once you lose, you will never get it better.