Balanced Diet Chart for weight loss for Women in Bangladesh

Nowadays, obesity and being overweight are considered medical conditions that can harm our health and the overall well-being of our lives. Balanced Diet Chart for weight loss for women in Bangladesh. The food culture and eating habits of Bangladesh are highly dependent on carbohydrates and sugar. On top of that, we are reluctant to exercise, even daily walks are not easy. Women in Bangladesh have fewer options for exercise and daily walking. As a result, obesity and overweight are more prevalent in the female population. In addition, women continue to gain weight after delivery during breastfeeding. Weight gain is a natural part of breastfeeding. However, they tend to retain that weight later during breastfeeding.

If you are looking for a Bangladeshi diet plan to get rid of excess weight, you are at the right place. A healthy balanced diet will improve your quality of life and keep your medical condition (diabetes, blood pressure, etc.) under control.

Bangla Diet Plan for Weight Loss (1200 Calories)

1200 calorie Bangla diet plan for weight loss. Summing up Bengali food at 1200 calories was the most difficult task. Being born and raised as a Bengali can make you feel the joys hidden in the water! In other words, the pleasures you get from the great taste of fish recipes can enrich your Bengali spirit and consciousness. Bengalis and East Indians are generally known for their love of fish food! In fact, Bengali recipes have gained worldwide recognition.

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Bangla Diet Plan for Weight Loss

As Rabindranath Tagore once said, the greatest sacrifices in life are made by those who can refuse the call of their taste buds. Perhaps, the poet's comment is based on how he observed and analyzed the eating habits of Bengalis. Modernization has touched the life of Bengal in many ways including food habits and lifestyle. For so many years, the basic attitude of Bengalis towards food has remained the same.

Bengali food culture

Bengalis are known for their creative culinary abilities and their caring attitude towards satisfying their taste buds. And this is why designing a diet plan to meet the demand of Bengali taste buds is quite challenging.

Bengalis were passionate about their food and they will continue to show a deep passion for generations to come. A Bengali mother can fast all day if her son somehow misses the food. A father may feel defeated if he cannot provide the best quality food for his daughter's wedding.

A Bengali bahu will not spare any effort to earn the admiration that her mother-in-law has been receiving for years for her extraordinary culinary skills.

Bengali food

Bengali food:

Bengalis also eat cashew kish-mish pula with chicken kosha, katla fish kalia, shrimp malai curry, fish egg sack or stone broth. You will feel the true sweetness of life when you enjoy food from time to time.

A bowl of Nolen Gur Payesh, hot and freshly prepared rasgulla, deep fried pantuya and amritis. Mango emerald sherbet, rasmalai, chamcham, kelakanda and pithe-patishapta will lose their significance if you drink them every day.

Bengali Sweet:

Bengalis are known for their sweet teeth and they end each meal with a special sweet. Bengalis love to adopt a "something sweet" attitude at all times of the day - in times of failure as well as success. Celebrations as well as regular meal times, joys as well as sorrows and thick and thin.

Excessive consumption of sweets is a major factor that can easily disrupt a Bengali's diet. We do not advise you to forget the 'sweetness' of Bengali culture. However, we do recommend that you occasionally enjoy sweets as a reward.

Bengali Diet Plan for Weight Loss (1200 Calorie):

Food ItemAmountCalories




Breakfast (8:00- 9:00 am)
Rice OR Besan cheela with onions2 no.2003 (rice)/ 12 (besan)
OR Chirer Pulao ( poha cooked as pulao)1 soup bowl2003
Tea/ coffee (with 50 ml milk)150 ml1252
Mid-Morning (11:00 – 12:00 noon)
Buttermilk (ghol)150 ml201
OR, Sprouts salad100 g1006
Lunch (1:00 – 2:00 pm)
Wheat bran chapati (no oil)22006
Chicken curry/ rui/ katla machher jhol / Arhar dal50 g2008
Saag-vegetable dishes

(puishaker chocchori, paanch mishali torkari or data chocchori)

100 g1506
Salad100 g401
Evening (4:00 – 5:00 pm)
Murmura chaat / Jhaal Muri100 g402
OR, steamed corn100 g40
Tea/ coffee (with 50 ml milk)150 ml1252
Dinner (8:00 – 9:00p m)
Poha with onions and tomato100 g1502
OR, Wheat bran chapati11003
Green veg salad100 g401
Total (around)1200 kcal40 g

The fact is that you can enjoy all the goodness of Bengali food and control your calorie meter by eating small amounts. Remember, all good things come in small packets!

A food day for Bengalis:A food day for Bengalis:

A typical Bengali morning starts with luchi (deep fried puri), or karaishuti kachuri (pea kachuri) and kosha alu dum. Sandesh is a sweet meal to complete breakfast.

A Bengali lunch consists of a lot of fried food including potato fried, karla fried, kumri fried and mach fried. Spicy specialties of Bengal include koi fish jhal, rui fish kalia, shoreshe hilsa vape and chana dalna. Gourd Chingri, Vhetki Cutlet or a simple but deep fried vegetable chop.

And yes, everything should end with a 'sweet' memory that can come in the form of malpua, baby jellies, ras malai and sitabhoga. Or legendary mixed doi. Just how can a dish of greens or chicken be a substitute for such authentic Bengali mood changers?

Why follow this 1200 calorie Bangla diet plan to lose weight?

Obesity and diabetes are on the rise in Bengal and other parts of India.

It makes perfect sense to try to be a little more aware of what Bengalis eat. Bengalis are strong protectors of their culture and heritage. However, food is a field where Bengalis have to compromise a bit to stay healthy and enjoy the specialities of their soil. It is all about embracing stability and it is in the consciousness of modern Bengal.

How to create a standard Bangla diet plan for weight loss?

An ideal Bengali diet plan for weight loss can be designed keeping in mind the personal needs of the individual. Every person's calorie needs are different. These requirements are based on various factors such as age, gender, medical condition, level of activity, metabolism, etc. To lose weight in a healthy way, calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). This will help you to know how many minimum calories your body needs to function properly.

This sample Bengali diet plan for weight loss will give you an idea of what an ideal 1200 calorie Bengali food looks like. Although you must understand that this is a generalized Bengali diet plan for weight loss, it may or may not be in line with your weight loss goal as your body needs are likely to be different.

So consult your dietitian personally to know if you can use this 1200 calorie Bangla diet plan for weight loss.

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