Great Tips To Keep Your Workouts Consistent

Taking care of your health is important, and we already know that working out is crucial for our health and fitness. Firstly, if you haven’t already started working out, then do so. But the real problem begins there. Keeping the workouts consistent and regular is the main problem.

Workouts Consistent

Sometimes the work other times the busyness hinders at keeping it consistent. Workouts are not just to keep you fit and active; they have many other benefits like better mental health. Let's get your workout shirts and pants on because we have a solution. Following are the tips that you should follow if you want to make the workout a consistent routine. 

Never miss Mondays

Missing working out on Mondays makes you skip the next day too. Unless it was missed just because you had an injury, it was your rest day, you could not make it, were busy as hell, or you just workout 3 or 4 times a week. The missing Monday workout makes you sloppier. Try not to skip on Monday just go for it even for a shorter time. 

Keep them short

Spending more time at the gym and working out does not mean your workouts are going to be awesome. In fact, it makes you irritated and the performance is reduced. Because you are increasing your time in the gym by taking long breaks between the sets and reps and working on the muscle that is already tired.

The good news is that just 30 to 45 minutes of workout is more than enough regardless of the type of workout you are doing. Trying to lose weight? Instead of going for hours long, cardio try HIIT. It is more effective than cardio and gives better results in a shorter period of time.

Start small

Newcomers to a workout and healthy routine find it most difficult to keep it consistent. The main problem is that they are trying to do too much in as quickly as possible. Thus, don't try to do too much quickly. This sets one goal at a time and works towards accomplishing that. 

Ease into the routine, start at the beginner level and grow gradually. Make sure you are doing things right, the posture is proper, eating, healthy, drinking enough water, and lifting what you can. Don't try to work out 7 days a week if you can only do 3. Start where you are comfortable and keep on doing that until it becomes a habit. From there on you can start increasing the days. 

Ease into it

Trying to commit and keep the new routine consistent is a challenge. But when we put immense pressure on ourselves that makes it more difficult to continue. Pushing yourself is good, but when you are trying to adjust to a new routine to a habit it is best to ease into it slowly. For instance, if you can only work out 3 times a week, start with that. Follow the diet plan as much as you can and get it adjusted accordingly. 


On the other hand, no one is perfect at doing something they have not done before. So, if your posture or workout has some mistakes it is nothing to frown upon. Just try to make it right and do it correctly the next time. 

Keep on going for 30 days

One way to make a new thing your habit is to be consistent on it for 30 days. The same goes for exercise. Start doing exercise and commit to it for 30 days, at whatever pace you are comfortable. 

Don't miss it during this time, no matter what and when 30 days are over you won't have a problem sticking to it for long enough. By the end, you will also feel strong, and energized, and need to continue because it will be a part of your routine. 

Keep the boredom out

We humans get bored with things pretty quickly, so we need change. The same is the case with workouts and fitness. Keep the boredom out and make your workouts fun and enjoyable. It will help you not to skip a day, thus keeping the consistency, especially in the beginning. Fun is different for everyone. For me, it could be having a friend to chat with while working out, for someone else it could be trying different variations of exercises. 

Find what makes your workouts fun and what keeps your interest in it. If you cannot find the motivation in lifting weight there are many other things to try. Try martial arts, dance, sports, running, HIIT, or any other means you like. If you feel going to the gym is boring you can work out at home. Then maybe join the gym later if you feel like it. 

Make and follow the schedule

Consistency does not come without a plan and schedule. Making and following a schedule will help you with consistency, whether it is a workout or something else. Making the schedule is not a problem but following it is where the problem lies. You can set a time and reminder to keep you updated on the schedule but that won't take you to the gym and get your working out. 

You have to make efforts yourself. Remember, don't pin-pack your schedule because it will lead to crashes. If you cannot follow the schedule, adjust it next time so you won't have to miss things again. 

Have someone to push you

Finding it hard to go to keep the fitness routine consistent? Try it with a partner,it will help. They will help you push yourself each day to the gym, club, track, or whatever you are doing. Plus, they will remind you to be there on time each day, just ask them to do so generously. On the other hand, you will be looking forward to the workout time as you will get to see them and have a chit-chat. Having a workout partner also means you have a spotter there for you. 

Committing to a new routine and making it consistent is hard. You have to make the effort yourself and try to keep it consistent. Don't blame yourself if you skipped a day or cheat on your diet. Just don't make it a habit.


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