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Dark Underarms | Get Rid of Dandruff in 4 Easy and Effective Ways

Suddenly noticed, underarms look quite dark! This stubborn blackout is due to not taking proper care, which is a little difficult to remove....

Suddenly noticed, underarms look quite dark! This stubborn blackout is due to not taking proper care, which is a little difficult to remove. Again for health issues but underarms can be dark. As much as we care for our skin and hair, we should care for underarms but in the same way. Pigmentation problems can occur in the underarm area for various reasons. Elevated melanin can be caused by a health issue such as diabetes, overweight, or hormonal imbalance. It can also be caused by a bacterial infection. Let's not know the details about this. In today's article, we will learn why underarms become dark and how to prevent this darkness. If you are using any inagrediyentagulo to take note andaraarmasa Bright will.

Dark Underarms

Why do underarms turn black? 

1) Hyperpigmentation

Among Asians, skin melanocyte cells tend to be much larger, so they expand easily, and this is why the problem of hyperpigmentation is seen a little more in different parts of our body. Pigmentation problems can also occur in the underarms or armpits.

2) Acanthosis nigricans

This term is unfamiliar to many of us. Diabetes and overweight can lead to dark spots on some parts of the body. Diabetes causes dark spots on the underarms and folds of the body due to a lack of insulin levels. Another reason is excess weight. Black patches can be seen on various parts of the body, especially the neck, neck, and armpits. This skin condition is called Acanthosis nigricans.

3) Bacterial infections 

Underarms can turn black even as bacteria grow. Sweat, dirt is not properly cleaned, which increases the growth of bacteria. In addition, if the hair growth in the area is increased and not removed properly, there is a bacterial infection, which also causes the underarm to turn black.

Ways to Brighten Dark Underarms


If the dead cells are not cleaned properly then a hyperpigmentation problem occurs. So you have to exfoliate the underarms once or twice a week. This will clear the dead cells, will also reduce the growth of bacteria. And the darkening of the skin will gradually decrease. Sugar and honey work very well in this case, you can use them as a natural exfoliator for underarms. Or use any physical exfoliator.

Moisturization is a solution of dark underarms 

Moisturizer should also be applied to the underarms. It will keep the skin moisturized and soft. You can also use aloe vera gel. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash it well. Gradually the blackness will decrease a lot. You can also apply a nourishing body lotion.